Apartment Renting – What Makes You A Good Tenant?


One can often find A beautiful apartment in TAMPA but how long one is going to stay there actually depends on how good they are as a tenant. There are several things that one can do to become good tenant and avoid anyissues with the landlord. Here are some of the important practices that you should follow to avoid any issues.

Paying in time is the best thing one can do to keep a great relation with the landlord.

Landlords often tend to be curious about getting the payment as soon as the new month starts and nothing worries them more than a delayed payment. So, it is always a good idea that you should pay them in time. In fact if you are before time then you are even better placed to get any other potential benefits from a happy landlord.

You should be careful about the property you have rented. The tenants usually tend to be careless and damage the property which creates problems for them with their landlords and often results in deduction of the damage amount from the security deposit. This issue can be handled easily if you take pictures of any already damaged parts of the apartment when you are moving in and give a copy to the landlord and keep one with you. Make sure that throughout your stay in the apartment building, it stays like it was when you moved in the apartment and no additional damage is done by you otherwise you’ll be liable for that and it will also cause potential issues with the landlord as well.

Give your rental apartment the treatment as if it’s your own home. This will ensure that you receive complete deposit amount back at the time of moving out. You might also get some other favors from the landlord due to this. Though wearing out is normal in the rental apartments, make sure that you are not responsible for any major damage.

Also make sure to keep the property clean. The job can become tedious if you own pets and keep them with you in the apartment. If the landlord visits the apartment and finds it clean, good and scent-free condition then you’ll earn his trust. More and more trust you earn, more you will be able to negotiate on rent and lease terms when the time for renewal arrives.

Knowing the neighbors can be beneficial for you as you’ll be able to watch out one another. In case you’re going out of the town, the apartment will be kept safe in your absence as the neighbors can keep an eye on your home. Doing small favors to each other every now and then can also be beneficial. If you have problems with the neighbors and the landlord gets to know of these issues then you might have a problem at hand.


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